Poetry Night:Denial

Above all, poetry is freedom. Liberation, freedom to deny when everyone asks you to conform. Poetry is not merely words; it is freedom to be. It is anything you want it to be. The purest place, the most non-class one. It can be written with your bare nails. An expression that no moldy reality nor any jail cell can prison. Poetry is where we belong, when we do not belong anywhere or where we belong everywhere a little.
The poems of Aulonë Kadriu are based on this concept, who is the invited guest at Project Space in November as part of the Poetry Night Program.

Project Space program is supported by Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo.

Challenges in Cyberspace II

Çka Ofron Hapësira kibernetike?
• mundësi për inovacion,
• zhvillim ekonomik
• avancim shoqëror etj
Cilat janë rreziqet?
• Sulmet kibernetike
• Krimi dhe mashtrimi
• Privatësia etj
Ku është dhe si qëndron Kosova ne CYBERSPACE?!
Këto dhe me shume do diskutohen nga autoritet dhe top ekspertet e fushës!



Sinjal është seri e ngjarjeve muzikore në Termokiss. Për të gjithë ata që dëshirojnë me lëshu muzikë, për të gjithë neve që po dojmë me ndëgju.

DJ Loni po vjen me një shkrirje të muzikës turbo tallava për të gjithë.

Këtu mundeni me lexu një artikull nga Ardit Kika për tingujt e tallavasë që i ndëgjojmë gjithka në: https://prishtinainsight.com/the-sounds-of-tallava-mag/

Kosovo Architecture Festival

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Tonight at the public program of the Kosovo Architecture Festival, starting from 8.00 pm at Kino Armata, Jeffery Shumaker URBANscape (US) and from 9.00 pm Marcus Fairs, of Dezeen (UK) will hold their lectures.

Kosovo Architecture Festival Opens on Light Note

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Blerta Begisholli Pristina – BIRN – July 5, 2019

The Kosovo Architecture Festival has launched its seventh edition in the capital Pristina with a presentation on the dramatic impact of electric light on the urban environment and on the planet.

The biggest architecture festival in Kosovo has opened its seventh session, with two documentaries and a lecture from Italian photographer Jessica Bizzoni on the disturbing impact of electric light on our planet.

“Electric light is a man-made aurora,” Bizzoni, 29, said during her presentation at the Kino Armata on Thursday, discussing her own photographic project, called Electric Sun.

This explores night-scrapes and daily lit environments, investigating the blurred boundary between the technosphere and biosphere.

She collaborated with astronomers and traveled between cities to follow light. She said she went from big cities to places in the middle of nowhere in search of man-made auroras. “Lights create an identity for a city,” Bizzoni observed. “Electric light surrounds us in many ways, becoming our second nature,” she noted.

Bizzoni also spoke about the impact of light on animals and the human ecosystem. She explained how moths and plants grew faster in artificial light, as they were tricked by it, as if it were real sunlight.

On the other hand, she explained, butterflies were impacted negatively, because the light of cities confuses their biological rhythms. By night, when they are supposed to take rest from traveling to mate, they continue flying because they think it is still day. This causes them to weaken and die faster.

The festival continues until October 1 with different architects and artists expected to take part. Celine Baumann, a French landscape architect based in Switzerland, is due to hold a lecture that questions the notions of inclusivity, gender and social equality through an intersectional lens.

The Kosovo Architecture Festival is organized by the Kosovo Architecture Foundation in partnership with the Future Architecture Platform.

Its main objective is to present to the local architecture community and the general public the contemporary global theories and methodologies in the field of architecture and urban planning.

This is the largest event of its kind in Kosovo with more than 40 individual activities in numerous cities in the country. This year the events will be held from the 1st of July till the 1st of October.

City of Pristina, taken during a workshop of the Festival of Architecture.Photo:Orgeta Aliu

The Mother Teresa square, taken during a workshop of the Festival of Architecture.Photo: Anita Morina

Photo of lights during the night in Pristina, taken during a workshop of the Festival of Architecture. Photo: Ejona Murtezaj

Landscape of Pristina, taken during a workshop of the Festival of Architecture. Photo: Anita Morina

Mapping Pristina’s Nightscape, Kosovo Architecture Festival Workshop 2019. Photo: Jessica Bizzoni

Idealised Flora – Indoor Farming, The Netherlands, 2018. Photo; Jessica Bizzoni


Open Air Party Tonight

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Tonight Latin Dance Night @Terrace038 (above the Cuban) with Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba music and special guest from Macedonia with a show from @kizombatouch… see you


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