With a popular cafe culture and young population, you will be able to connect to the internet virtually anywhere. Almost all the cafes, restaurants and bars have wifi and don’t mind you asking the password.

Some of the newer cafes and bars have plenty of plugs for you to charge your phone or computer.

If you need to buy a sim card, Kosovo has two service providers Ipko, which will give you a Slovenian number and PTK  which will give you a Monaco number, as Kosovo is still waiting for a telephone code, which has been promised by March 2016.  As it is expensive to phone between these two providers, you will notice that many businesses have both numbers.

Kosovo now has it’s own telephone country code of 383, which is good news, but some companies are slow to update their records online.

You may be surprised to find out that Kosovo has one of the fastest broadband in Europe and recently Australia was complaining because Kosovo had faster broadband than them.