The Outlaw and His Wife (1918) / SJÖSTRÖM 101

The Outlaw and His Wife (1918) / SJÖSTRÖM 101
25/03/2022 6,400 Comments Events kosovoti
The Outlaw and His Wife (1918)
Director: Victor Sjöström
Length: 72 min.
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Entrance: FREE
A mysterious stranger comes to work at Halla’s farm and the two fall in love. When it is exposed that the stranger is Eyvind, a known thief forced into his life of crime by his family’s starvation, the two go on the run.
The Outlaw and His Wife was produced during a renaissance in the Swedish film industry between 1916 and 1918 when the production company Svenska Biografteatern (it later became Svensk Filmindustri) decided to focus on quality over quantity. The studio reduced its yearly production schedule of around 26 films to five or less.
Sjöström brought a psychological realism to the acting in The Outlaw and His Wife that gave it an intimacy and honesty lacking in many silent melodramas. Sjöström revealed the inner emotional state of his protagonists through subtle but revealing close-ups or their interaction in both claustrophobic and wide-open spaces. Another major strength was his decision to film the outdoor scenes on location, lending an authentic sense of place and time to the action.
Victor Sjöström was a pioneering Swedish film director, screenwriter, and actor. He began his career in Sweden, before moving to Hollywood in 1924. Sjöström worked primarily in the silent era; his best known films include The Phantom Carriage (1921), He Who Gets Slapped (1924), and The Wind (1928). Sjöström was Sweden’s most prominent director in the “Golden Age of Silent Film” in Europe. Later in life, he played the leading role in Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries.
Between 1912 and 1923, he directed another forty-one films in Sweden, some of which are now lost. Many of his films from the period are marked by subtle character portrayal, fine storytelling and evocative settings in which the Swedish landscape often plays a key psychological role. The naturalistic quality of his films was enhanced by his (then revolutionary) preference for on-location filming, especially in rural and village settings
Director, actor, scriptwriter and cultural personality, Sjöström was one of the most prominent Swedish film and theatre personalities of the 20th century and a constant source of inspiration for Ingmar Bergman.
While American silent cinema was defined by its various genres – comedy, melodrama, adventure – Swedish cinema was almost entirely devoted to national tales and sagas, which gave it a unique identity, an unprecedented landscape. With films such as A Man There Was (1917), The Outlaw and His Wife (1918) and The Sons of Ingmar (1919), Sjöström became known as a master, with a reputation as great, if not international, as that of DW Griffith.

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